Saturday Spotlight: Kayci and Ali of Not So Billionaire Girls Club

Blog Name: Not So Billionaire Girls Club

Blog URL:

Your name: Kayci Graham and Ali Bolster

Facebook URL:

Instagram name:

Where are you located? Richmond, VA

Tell us a little about yourself:

Kayci: As a fashion merchandising major, I aspire to be in fashion show production or own my own lingerie store. I have an obsession with online shopping…more like an addiction. A typical snapshot of my day would be me jamming out to Lana del Rey cuddled up with my laptop, working on our blog.

Ali: My athletic roots have made me the unique combination of fashionable and sporty. I often find myself torn between going to the gym and taking off my thoroughly planned outfit or socializing and displaying my creation for the remainder of the day. I also love to draw, paint, or simply create things.

unnamed-4When did you start your blog? January 2014

 Why did you decide to start blogging? We felt that a blog would be a good way to get our names out there and both demonstrate and practice our fashion-related talents. The blog was also a way for us to publish our creative styling techniques to the young fashion world.


Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? The two of us tend to vary in how we style items, but together our favorite places include American Apparel, Need Supply Co., and RVA thrift shops.

Top 3 favorite blogs to read?

Kayci: “…cos it’s The Bee’s Knees,” “River City Chic,” and “Song of Style

Ali: “Frsh Squeezed,” “Mr. Kate,” and “The BLVD Paradigm

How would you describe your personal style?

Kayci: Feminine grunge with a focus on intricate accessories.

Ali: Tomboy/androgynous, street style. sat spotWhat has been one of your favorite experiences blogging has lead to? The two of us were at a social event and a stranger began to express his admiration for us. We were puzzled at first until he identified us as the Not So Billionaire Girls. The fact that we were being recognized and acknowledged for our hard work meant a lot to us. We love our followers!!

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? You never know what you can do until you try! We always had the idea of a blog in the back of our minds but finally taking the initiative to create our vision was the biggest and most important step. Overcoming your fear of failure will always lead to success.



Saturday Spotlight: Olivia Ruffin of All Those Little Things

Blog Name: All Those Little Things

Blog URL:

Your name: Olivia Ruffin

Instagram name: @olivebarrett


Where are you located? Richmond, VA of course!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am really into fashion (obviously), music, singing and such. I am a student who has a serious chocolate chip cookie addiction and obsession with all things glittery and gold!

When did you start your blog? About a year ago, December 26th, 2013 was my blogs first birthday! I made it a little video, it was fun.


Why did you decide to start blogging? I started blogging when my friend showed me all of the fabulous blogs she followed, and I have always been in love with being both behind and in front of the camera, so I gave it a shot!

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? Hummm… I am a HUGE thriftaholic, so I’d say, any thrift store… I loved B-Sides, but sadly… they closed. I absolutely ADORE Rumors, they have such cool clothing! And it’s all vintage or second hand, and totally local.


Favorite blogs to read?

  1. Bri from The Secret Life of Bee
  2. Keiko from Keiko Lynn
  3. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess
  4. Olivia Shutey from Olivia Taylor La Voyageuse

How would you describe your personal style? Always evolving. I move from quirky 1950’s girly, to grungy all black, oversized coats and Doc Martin’s, to super simple and comfortable, bohoesque… the list goes on for miles. It’s always changing! But I really love that, why stick to one “style” when there are so many options to explore especially when you know that it only matters to you what you look like… I don’t feel like I need to dress to impress others, because I dress for me, what makes me happy.


What has been one of your favorite experiences blogging has lead to? Honestly, anything like this… When I can see that I actually have people looking at my blog and they want it to be published somewhere else. Like for instance, when I was asked to be a Teen Vogue fashion blogger, or a Lucky Magazine style consultant. I also just love getting comments, even if they are a simple, “cool!” or a descriptive, “wow I really like this, it reminds me of this one time when I…..” comments mean a lot to me.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? I think probably just stay confident. Starting a blog can be tough, especially trying to get the word out and getting followers/viewers etc. Be creative and unafraid to try new and weird things. Honestly, while we are still staying semi-sane, the strange and unusual, yet cool and clever, spark peoples interests in taking a look! Most importantly have fun doing it! If you don’t love LOVE blogging… don’t blog, do something you really love, find your special thing.


Saturday Spotlight: Courtney Skunda of Cobblestone Couture

Blog Name: Cobblestone Couture


Your name: Courtney Skunda






Where are you located?  Richmond, VA

Tell us a little about yourself: I have been in PR and Community Relations in RVA for over 10 years now.  I am currently the Director of Community Relations and Communications for the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park.  I also work for a company called The Nearby, based out of Charlotte and do freelance writing for various publications around town.

When did you start your blog? 2009


Why did you decide to start blogging? My friends in PR urged me to start the blog back in 2009 because there wasn’t much in the way of a fashion blog community in RVA.  That has changed tremendously, especially because of the students coming out of the Fashion and Merchandising program at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I was also incredibly tired of writing science, health and biotech articles all day for work and needed a creative outlet.  So, Cobblestone Couture was born one weekend during a winter snow storm.

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? There are so many! I like Roan, The Shoebox, Pink, Wardrobe Richmond, Ruth and Ollie and Fraiche.

Top 3 favorite blogs to read? The Cut Blog, Capitol Store Blog and Atlantic Pacific.

winery photo

How would you describe your personal style? Big.  Everything is oversized.  The dresses, the bags, the accessories.  I am extremely petite and small and I feel like I try to compensate for that with my clothes.  I love a long dress or caftan.  The bigger the bag the better.  The larger the jewelry, I say go for it.  And I never wear a flat…ever.

Who is your style inspiration? Rachel Zoe, Lee Radziwill, Stevie Nicks, and the Olsen Twins.

What has been one of your favorite experiences blogging has lead to? My blog has actually lead me to a really cool part time job working for someone that I really admire.  I have been a huge fan for many years of Laura Vinroot Poole.  Laura has literally transformed the fashion scene in Charlotte, NC.  She owns two stores, Capitol and Poole Shop.  They are known all over the US and Laura is known all over the world for her fashion sense.  She and her team recently found me through my blog and references to work on a new cool ecommerce app called The Nearby.  It allows you to shop local boutiques all around the US from your iPhone.  It helps promote the entrepreneur or small business owner.  I’m really excited to be working with her and the Nearby team.

shoesIf you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? Write what you’re good at, not what you think people want to read.  I struggled with that at first.  Everyone wanted me to write “Look for Less” posts or “What to Wear to Work” articles.  But, that’s not me.  I write about my ridiculous obsessions with high fashion and couture.  I also write about my travels and what’s inspiring me, music or otherwise.  I try to stay true to who I am.

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Saturday Spotlight: Paula Peters of Skirt Bouquet

Blog Name: Skirt Bouquet

Blog URL:

Your name: Paula Peters


DSC03282Where are you located? Richmond, VA

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m originally from Brazil and I’ve been studying in Richmond for one year. Fashion is one of my biggest interests, so I’m constantly going through style blogs, coming up with new outfits and complimenting strangers on their clothes. I’ve even taken up sewing. But I’m a little nerdy too: books and movies are my passions.

When did you start your blog? September, 2012.

lace3Why did you decide to start blogging? When style blogs came out, I quickly became addicted. After following several style blogs for a while, I wanted to share my outfits and inspirations too.

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? I like H&M and Ann Taylor (both on Short Pump Mall) but most of my clothes come from Goodwill and thrift stores.

Top 3 favorite blogs to read? I like Kendi Everyday, she has that girl-next-door vibe which I love. I also read What I Wore because Jessica manages to look polished and fun at the same time. And I can’t get enough of ISPYDIY’s project ideas.

mix8 How would you describe your personal style? Hum… I’d say my style is South American preppy, which means I pair button down shirts with colorful skirts. But I’m definitely feminine and classic.

Who is your style inspiration? I get style inspiration from all over the place, from street style blogs to classic movies.

profile2What has been one of your favorite experiences blogging has lead to? Well, it was through my blog that I became a part of the RVAFB group. Being new to Richmond, this was a great way to meet some amazing girls.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? Be true to your personal style and tastes. Don’t wear certain pieces just because they are trendy and never write about topics you are not passionate about. Readers can tell when you are not being yourself.

Saturday Spotlight: Tori Radday of Fashion, Trends & More

Blog Name: Fashion, Trends & More

Blog URL:

Your name: Tori Radday



Where are you located? Richmond, VA

Tell us a little about yourself: Hi! I’m Tori, a seventeen year old high school student who has fallen in love with fashion and blogging. I adore leopard print, faux fur, dresses, DIYs, blogs, vintage, oxfords and bold lipstick. I try to fill my blog with inspiration, personal style posts and easy DIYs. Next year, I plan on attending Philadelphia University to major in fashion merchandising and minor in fashion journalism. My blog is helping me get my foot in the door of the world of fashion.

When did you start your blog? I started my blog approximately four years ago.

Why did you decide to start blogging? I decided to start blogging to become more involved with fashion because I plan on starting a career in the fashion industry.

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? Thrift shops are my fave but I also love Urban Outfitters (located in Short Pump Town Center) and Forever 21 (located in Regency.)

Top 3 favorite blogs to read? Oh this one is a toughie! However, I really like La Vagabond Dame (, Miss Annie ( and Rouge Fox (

500 (2)
How would you describe your personal style? My style is very vintage and feminine.

Who is your style inspiration? Natalie Liao of La Vagabond Dame. I also look to fashion magazines for style inspiration.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? You get out what you put in. The harder you work, the more successful your blog will be. Also, never be afraid to reach out to other bloggers and companies. Networking is key!


The RVAFB Group was Featured in RVA Magazine!!

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 11.25.13 AM

Article via

The Late Spring 2013 fashion issue of RVA Magazine hit stands last week and the RVAFB group was lucky enough to be featured!!! We are beyond excited and proud to be recognized by this great publication. Check out the article on page 50 and learn more about the group and what we do as well as more about some of our bloggers including Brian of Dirty Richmond, Owen of The Style Whale, Anett of Frsh Squeezed, Larissa of RVA Fashion Girl and more!!! Pick up a copy or check out the article online HERE.

Saturday Spotlight: Jennifer Burchette of Fashionista Jenn

Blog Name:  Fashionista Jenn

Blog URL:

Your name: Jennifer Burchette


Twitter: Personal: or Blog:

Instagram name:


Where are you located? Virginia Beach native, studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a 21 year old Senior Undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) just trying to graduate and pursue my long beloved goal of a career in fashion. When I’m not being a student, I’m a Style Guru for Amy Levin’s It requires me to scout and report trends on the school’s campus. I’m also the stylist for an upcoming urban brand DIRGY. awesomton (71)worked

When did you start your blog? Thanks to my mother’s great advice, I started my blog last November actually.

Why did you decide to start blogging? I really wanted a way to document and share my progression into my career. It’s great to look back at old posts and see how much I’ve accomplished. Plus it’s a great way to show others your ability and competence in the industry. I get such a thrill from seeing others interested in my passion and sharing the same excitement from something I’ve posted.

awesomton (55)worked 1

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? Although I’m an admirer of Richmond’s fashion I barely shop within the city. The only place that takes most of paycheck would have to be Rumors. I love how close it is it to me and the great finds that I discover.

Top 3 favorite blogs to read? Independent Fashion Bloggers ( is great! I love a blog about blogging. It really helps me organize and get my ideas out in my posts the way I want to.  I also enjoy reading I love the blogger’s personal style. She is very creative and ha a great theme to her blog. I also am a fan of Janelle Reid may be new to blogging but you wouldn’t be able to tell. Her blog reminds me a lot of how mine started.

blackfashionHow would you describe your personal style? Ugh this question always gets me, because I like to try so may new things it’s so hard to pin point the actual words for my personal style. I will say I’m a master at layering and recreating. Just when I want to throw something out I find a whole other way to wear it and you would think that it’s brand new. Some people have no idea how long I have certain items in my closet but make it look new. I guess you could call me a “Creative Re-creator,” or maybe just a creative way for saying hoarder because I never like to let things go! You never know when it may come back into style. Therefore I tend not to follow trendy items and stick to the more classic ones that will be appreciated from season to season.

Who is your style inspiration? My style inspiration contains three ingredients. It contains a hint of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, mixed with a dab of Lauren Conrad’s creative DIYs and career drive, and a hint of fierce from Ms. Tyra Banks herself to add confidence to any outfit I decide to rock. Each one has had a huge influence into why I do what I do. They have not only inspired me in fashion but in life as well.

xuo57l1QUrOo5kUhuXNNM0ty0iaiNJUI4kWbzU9n5awIf you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? Don’t be afraid to do what it is you love. Know that God chose you to be good at it for a reason and just go for it. It may sound cliché but confidence really is key, wise words I learned from my mother at an early stage. You could rock a trash bag with all the confidence in the world and people will think its cool because you’re owning your own style and look.

Saturday Spotlight: Stormy Holt of Mosaic Union

Blog Name: Mosaic Union

Blog URL:

Your name: Stormy Holt



Instagram name:

Where are you located? RVA!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a military kid who who fell in love with culture of the world. I went to VCU for my undergraduate and graduate degree, which I feel, pushed me even further towards my love of all things “right-brain.” Currently, I am trying to carve my mark in this beautiful realm as I fall closer to 25. Eek!

When did you start your blog? I started Mosaic Union with my best friend, Kiara, last September. I am in awe at how far we’ve gone in nine months. We took a chance at something we loved; and seeing the impact we’ve made so soon is very inspiring.

Why did you decide to start blogging? Kiara and I have always loved fashion, that is something that has always been a part of us. In addition the rich cultures of both RVA and Nashville, where she is currently, are something that demands attention. I love exploring the works of talented people around RVA. There are so many thinkers here! Not only that, but RVA has a certain style that I love and I feel is unique to Virginia and Kiara felt the same way about Nashville. So one day while I was visiting her in TN, over a glass of wine of course, we decided that we should “record” or blog about the awesome things happening in these two cities. Of course we don’t restrict ourselves to RVA and Nashville, but due to our current residents in the cities, our blog is majority RVA and Nashville.

Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA? Honestly, I would have to say Fantastic Thrift, Diversity Thrift, Rumors and any other thrift or consignment shop. Anyone can shop trends, the real fun is taking the old and tweaking it for today.

Top 3 favorite blogs to read? I love to read and scroll through LateBoots, Who What Wear, and Hole In Jean Pocket. Hey, Bevin!

How would you describe your personal style? My style is tricky. I love to try new things just about everyday. But no matter what, my style is polished. However, if I had to silo myself, I would say my style is relaxed, chic fun. I never try to hard to make something work. I just go with the flow. A lot like my personality actually. Haha.

Who is your style inspiration? Other than my mother, I would have to say Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins. Everything they do id so effortless, comfy but cute. I love it.

If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be? This is your dream, so own it. Never be afraid to take chances and think outside the box. A blog is your perspective, so always be yourself. People will love you for it.