Tuesdays Top Ten: Week 19

top ten 19This weeks top 10 includes some outfit and beauty tips for spring, some outfit posts, and event recap and more. Also make sure you check out the post by new member Joanna Avant!!

Fashion Recon: Phoenix Rising

Fashionable Flavors: Beauty Tip: The Best Looks For Summer

Fizz and Frosting: Bathing Suit Trends for 2013

Gaptooth Diva: Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip Fashion, Style, Networking and Fun

Hole in Jean Pocket: Little Trinkets: Dana Blair Designs

*NEW MEMBER* Joanna Avant: The Long and Shorts of It

River City Chic: Post Grad Goodies

Skirt Bouquet: Black on black: 3 Outfits inspired by New York

Virtual Mutt: XXIX – The Return

Worthy Style: Fun and Inexpensive Items for Spring 2013


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