Special Edition Tuesdays Top Twelve: Week 18


This week we are doing a special edition Tuesday’s Top Twelve with all recaps from RVA Fashion Week!!! A few RVAFB members attended the week of events and have lots to say about the shows, trends and street style. Check out the posts below:


RVAFW Skyline Event, kicking off the week….

the girls on the runway in Cary Court…

the grande finale…

Barclay Inc:

RVA Fashion Week Has Arrived!!

RVA Fashion Week Rewind…

Bella Styles:

Bella On The Scene at RVA Fashion Week: “Carytown Boutique Fashion Show”

Dayi’s Sense of Style:

Functional Splurge & RVA Fashion Week

Fashionista Jenn:

Launch Party: Vizcaya Swimwear

Fashion Junkies United:

Junky Presents: RVA Fashion Week Kick-off

Junky Recap: RVAFW at Cary Street Court

Junky Showcase: RVA Fashion Show at Planet Zero


RVA Fashion Week Carytown Fashsion Show

RVA Fashion Week Skyline Trunk Show

Mosaic Union:

RVAFW – Trunk Show

RVAFW – Networking at Tobacco

RVAFW – An Artful Wedding

RVAFW: Carytown Fashion Show

RVAFW: Designer Showcase

River City Fashion Uprising:

RVA Fashion Week Kicks Off with City Skyline Trunk Show

RVA Fashion Week 2013: Carytown Fashion Showcase

RVA Fashion Week 2013: Designer Showcase

Shoes and Champagne:

RVA Fashion Week: Carytown Boutique Fashion Show

Style Goonie:

One of a Kind Accessories at The City Skyline Trunk Show

The Artful Wedding- Richmond Bride

Carytown Fashion Showcase- RVA Fashion Week

The Blvd Paradigm:

RVA Fashion Week Carytown Showcase

RVA Fashion Week: Designer Showcase

Catalyst 2013 , The VCU Fashion Show


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