Saturday Spotlight: Kelli Neché and Chynesha Patterson of Notorious Styles


Blog Name: Notorious Styles
Blog URL:
Your names:Kelli Neché and Chynesha Patterson

Where are you located?
Located in RVA of course!!!

Tell us a little about yourself:

Chynesha: My name is Chynesha Patterson but I go by Chy. I am a student at J. Sargent Reynolds working toward becoming a veterinarian. I am a fashion stylist. I’ve been in love with fashion since I was in high school and I would test my style on myself and my friends. I want to travel around the world and do fashion shows and work my way up to be a designer.

Kelli: My name is Kelli Neché and I’ve been writing since the first time I watched Harriet the Spy. Ever since I could hold a pair of scissors, I’ve been into fashion. I used to cut up my clothes and put together things that people normally wouldn’t. I used to cut out magazines and post the photos on my wall because I LOVED their outfits. It all became second nature.


When did you start blogging?

C & K: We began Notorious Styles in March of 2012 sitting in Chy’s living room while watching Project Runway re-runs.


Where are your favorite places to shop in RVA?

C: My favorite places to shop in RVA are ANY thirft stores, I am a true thriftier not just clothes but anything. I like Short Pump, the outlets at Williamsburg, and Target as well.

K: Top three places to shop: Rumors (of course), Goodwill and ShopRunwayCouture.


Top 3 favorite blogs to read?

C: My top three bloggers to read is Kiss My Fashion, DIY, RVAfashion girl.

K: Top three blogs: Kiss My Fashion, Return of the Curls, RVAFB (duhhhhh)


How would you describe your personal style?

C: I would describe my style as bold, unique and sometimes on the edge. I am obsessed with pants, especially different colors and patterns. I like to dress down with a pair of kicks or flats but when I want to dress like a girly girl I like to wear a skirt and tights. I like to dare myself to be different and think outside of the box. I want to step in the room and I want people to be like who’s that girl.

K: I dress how I feel, which always tends to be slightly hippie and sometimes sexy. Kind of like a modern day radial black panther. Angela Davis and Pam Grier’s love child.


Who is your style inspiration?

C: My style inspiration is hard to pick just one person but I adore Solange Knowles, her style is mind blowing she can wear a gym sweater and make it look fashionable. I love Rihanna’s style not only the way she changes her clothes but hair too. She is not afaird to express her feelings through her style because regardless she’s going to do what she wants.

K: Solange is definitely my go to for fearless fashion choices as well as Lisa Bonet via the Cosby Show. Her style was SO amazing.


If you could give any advice to other bloggers what would it be?

C: I would tell another beginner blogger to just do it and don’t stop. Blogging is a lot of work because viewers want to see different posts not the same thing. Plan out how you want to start off, write down what you want to write about and search other bloggers and network. Go to as many events as you can until you are well known. Be hands on when people want to work with you, be open minded but also make wise choices. Keep a positive idea on your end and always stay professional.

K: Young and Upcoming bloggers should become a one stop shop! Pray and know what you stand for!!!! Also, have a PLAN! Are you just blogging to be blogging or are you trying to use your blog as a ladder.


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