RVAFB Blogroll

RVA Bloggers:

A Girl Named Leney

A Stylish Hue

All Those Little Things


B Types

Barclay Inc

Beauty by Kimberly

Bella Styles

Brian McDinosaur

Bright Bold Beautiful

Chic Stripes

Classy Ladies

Clothilde Closet

Cobblestone Couture

College Fashionista VCU

Corks and Caftans

Danie Daily

Dayi’s Sense of Style

Elle and Em

Emily Hudspeth

Fashion Breakout

Fashion by Darius Burnette

Fashion RECON

Fashion, Trends & More

Fashionista Jenn

Fizz and Frosting

Fleur Noir Beauty

Gaptooth Diva

Glitter in my Latte

Goka Bean

Got it at Goodwill

Her Late Night Cravings

Hole in Jean Pockets

In My Fashion

Joanna Avant

Julia Ryan

Kennedy Holmes

Kiss My Fashion

Lilly Rose

Luscious Judy

M Press Living

Melina B


North of Commerce

Not So Billionaire Girls Club

Notorious Styles

Oddly Fashionable

Red Reticule

Retro Kiidd

Richmond Magazine- Shop Talk

River City Fashion Uprising

RVA Fashion Girl

Saving More Than Me

Shoes and Champagne

Steel and Heels

Style Goonie

Suburban Charm

Sundresses and Smiles

The Blvd Paradigm

The Little White Collar

The Locals RVA

The Perfect Skirt

The Style Whale

The Wanderful Life

Tiny Pockets

Tiramisu for Breakfast

Urban Frill

Virtual Mutt

Worthy Style

YM Wear Abouts

Zealous Edge

Other Virginia Bloggers:

Angels Point of View


River City Chic

Updated 05/23/2014

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